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A leader in delivering staffing payroll solutions for international companies in China, providing pre-screened, qualified and trained personnel to our customers through our quality service.

DaCare Staffing is part of the DaCare Group recruitment and staffing for China and Asia. Our Intelligent Staffing brand continues to serve both clients and job candidates through diverse branches across the country.


More job opportunities for Chinese returnees
In 2007, there has been a growing trend among multinational firms in China to employ Western-educated Chinese...

Chinese labor law
China is moving steadily in the direction of a market economy. With this shift, labor laws are becoming similar to those of developed Western countries, as evidenced by the Chinese governments 2005 revisions to the Labor Law of the Peoples Republic of China.

The Chinese income tax system has long been cumbersome and ineffective, but reforms over the past five years have made improvements resulting in Chinese citizens and foreign residents paying taxes on a variety of incomes, including:

Areas HR needs to watch
The Chinese economy continues to expand at a substantial rate. With a labor force close to 800 million, Chinas gross domestic product (GDP) has been steadily rising since the mid-1990s at an average annual rate of close to 10 percent.
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